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         SUCCESS SECRETS:                 Love of God, lots of faith, daily Bible reading and prayer (before   breakfast), being grateful, organ- ized & having a great life w/Bill.  (being loving, tolerant & playful!)

      FAVORITE SCRIPTURE:                “My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to Him in song“ Ps. 28:7

              PRIDE &  JOY:                   Raising 3 wonderful children, (Amy, Glenn & Karen)...  daughters of whom raised her two beautiful  granddaughters, Angie & Gena.  Staying home with them when they were small, Judy always worked out of their home; being a booking agent when they were in their teens and the other facets of her career  took place after they left the nest.

  WHAT JUDY DOES FOR FUN:      Water aerobics, flower arranging at church, reads, goes to plays and concerts, + watches  TV & Netflix. Hopes to learn to paint with water colors & acrylics in the future.

Right after Belgium concert - 7/'98

MOTTO:  "Never Give up"

RESOLVE: " When served lemons, make lemonade"

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      The MANY HATS worn by JUDY WELDEN !!

More recently, Judy Welden, is becoming known for the (patent pending) Bandana hats she created  when she needed an attractive cover-up to wear when touring.  They are being shown now on TV!   In the past though, she's always been known for the many hats she wears as concerns her long and varied career in the music business ...... for the most part wearing three or four of these hats at a time! 

    FAST FACT:  JUDY'S WORN A DOZEN HATS (SEE BELOW) & THE MOST POPULAR STYLE OF HER BANDANA HATS IS WORN 12 WAYS!! ***********************************************************************************************************************

SINGER / SONGWRITER:  Judy has been singing since she was a child and writing poems & songs almost as long.  She has always loved songwriting as much as she enjoys singing.  From a musical family, Judy could add a fourth harmony part at age 7 and enjoys singing harmony as much as lead. Early on, she had a 3-octive range and has sung both tenor & bass in a Sweet Adeline quartet.  At one time she had Judy's Jingles, and wrote for celebrants, commercials and events such as the 25th Anniversary of Port St. Lucie, FL and the Jensen Beach Pineapple Festival.  Moving around to various states throughout her life, she's always been in church choirs or Praise and Worship bands as well as singing in various events in her community. Judy won 1st place in a Hollywood Song Jubilee contest,  in the "Standards" division,  singing & playing piano (When Sunny Gets Blue).

BOOKING AGENT:  Starting in the mid 70's, for 10 years Judy (then Judy Atwell) had her own booking agency and worked out of her home, first in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, then later in Chesterfield, Mo. A  licensed Union agent, she  booked every type of act and music, and also put on Theme parties.  During this time she was writing songs, and sometimes singing with various groups she booked. 

RECORDING ARTIST:  Judy became a recording artist in '92, singing her own original (or co-written) songs. She's recorded 82 songs (on 7 albums) of the 350+ she's written or co-written and 14 other artists have recorded 33 of her originals songs. Over the years, Judy has received many awards for her singing ability and her songs have been on the Independent charts, with thirteen (13) reaching #1 status.   She was # 1 on the Roots Gospel chart for a record 18 weeks.  Thirty (30) of Judy's original songs can be heard (some downloaded free) at her page on Number One musicShe's been # 1 (in Country Pop genre) of the Top 5 listed there for 12 months, with other talented acts, such as Rascal Flatts.  To learn more about Judy's recording career, click here.

MUSICIAN: Although she learned to play a flute in school, Judy no longer plays it.  She is self-taught on piano and  autoharp (which she plans to add to her FIRESONG shows for a little variety).  Judy hopes to also add a bit of 'Strumstick'  and/or Dulcimer as well.   

ENTERTAINER / PERFORMER:  Judy has had or been in many groups in the past 20 years, with names such as RHAPSODY, JUDY & NICK AT NIGHT, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, etc.  She now has a duo with Cathy Squires called FIRESONG, that performs at local events and venues around Gainesville, GA.

PUBLISHER: Judy Welden owns Songrite Creations Prdctns. (BMI) and Sine Qua Non Music (ASCAP) pub. companies, publishing her own and other writers music.  For 6 years she promoted herself & other artist/songwriters on both her record labels (Treasure Coast & Heartfelt , sending their songs (Country, Pop & Christian genres) to radio stations worldwide. Some of Judy's co-writers are: Rhonnie Scheuerman, Phil Coley, Marc Rabins, Alesia Panajota, Terrance Alan, Tom Littleby, Tina Billias, Siuberto Soccaras and Kevin Wicker.  Not only does Judy have many of her own award-winning songs available for other singers to record, but she also publishes the best songs of many talented songwriters, such as: Billy O'Hara, Sandra Stoflet, and Robert "Raven" Kraft.

RECORD LABEL OWNER:  When she resided in FL, Judy owned Treasure Coast Records (Country & AC/Pop genres) and Heartfelt Records (Christian music).  Christian songs are still being released on Heartfelt Records.

SONGWRITER INSTRUCTOR & JUDGE: Starting the TCSA (Treasure Coast Songwriters Assn) in 1993, Judy was the director for 4 years, and later served as Advisor. She has judged the SOWI (Songwriters of Wisconsin International) songwriting contest for over a decade. In June 2006, Judy judged the annual competition of the CCMA (Colorado CMA), receiving a HALL OF FAME award at that event for her help with songwriters and artists for more than a decade. 

PROMOTER (in the past):  Promoting over 100 artist during this interim ('93 - '99), her personal promoter at the time, the late Gene Bear, called Judy "Wonder Woman of the 90's" after she put out 10 CDs in a 12 month period.  She designed the jackets, wrote the bios, basically 'did it all' from start to finish.  After she tried to get everyone their fair share in royalty payments, she became known for her quote: " We Indies plow a large field to reap half a peanut every other year" !!  Things are different now, thanks to the Internet, but in the mid-90's it was tough and unprofitable if one were an independent artist and/or songwriter.                                                                  

Judy is now promoted by RhonBob (Click here for website) & no longer promotes others; however she is still a publisher.  Her music is released to radio stations worldwide by North Star Records & the Hot Disc compilation CD, which includes major artists.

INVENTOR:  As noted above, Judy came up with her patent pending Bandana Hat idea when she wanted something attractive to wear for "bad hair days" on tour.  She couldn't keep a bandana on her head, so she thought of using a headband in one to keep it in place.   After she stopped touring, she took the time to make various styles, adding more and more improvements on her initial idea.  They are now being seen on TV and will be sold in catalogs as well.   Bandana hat website  World Inventions website - Ban. Hat  60 Sec. Video

SCREENWRITER:  Judy Welden has written a screenplay, that fits 33 of her original songs, to be played during the various scenes.  Not a musical per se, however it will have a lot of music being played and sung throughout.  Stay tuned for more info on this matter... or subscribe to her bi-monthly newsletter (see below).  

This  page only highlights Judy Welden's career.  For more info, names of CDs, awards, songs that went to #1, etc., please check out "Bio" click here ... or at any of the music sites below where her music is heard. To get updates on Judy's career, send an email to her, with "Friends of JW Bi-Monthly Newsletter" in the subject line.

Judy's page on #1 Music  -   Judy's latest CD (Pain Shy Blues & Tribulation)   -  Judy's myspace page

Email  judywelden@bellsouth.net Fax: 770 503-0096