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Judy’s co-writers are listed on the single CD releases

    (Unless stated otherwise, Judy is the writer or a co-writer)


Songs released in 2015 are:
Your Hand Print on my Heart – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
You Make Me Shine (duet with Ron Butko) written by Randy Leavitt

Songs released in 2014 are:
When I’m Chasing a Dream – writer: Judy Welden
My Precious Lord – writer: Sandy Stoflet
My Savior’s Precious Blood – writer: Betty Jean Robinson
Little Girls, Boys & Puppies – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
Guide My Heart – co-written with Kevin Wicker
A Modern Day Tarzan – co-written with Ray Lani
It’s a Miracle – co-written with Roy Crabb
Let’s Make America Great Again – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
Don’t Say You Love Me (Just to Get Your Way) co-written w/Michael Ries
Macho Man (With a Marshmallow Heart) co-written with James Godfrey
Waitin’ for You ‘Neath the Christmas Tree – co-written with Phil Coley

Songs released in 2013 are:
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – written by Lonnie Ratliff & Arlene Blair Kortright
Your Hand Print on my Heart – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
Kisses – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
Come On Home (My Soul’s a Dyin’) – co-written with Phil Coley
Church Called the Risen Son – Lyrics: Judy Welden (Music: public domain)
Good Ole’ Tennessee Boy – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
This Christmas Spread His Love – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman

Songs released in 2012 are:
The Rest Is Up To God (Duet) – co-written with Ray Lani
Thank Heaven For Email (Duet) – co-written with Ray Lani & Vesta Weber
Your Hand Print on my Heart – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
Love is Like – solely written by Judy Welden
I’m Pain Shy – co-written with Marc Rabins
Fishin’ For a New Love – co-written with Tom Littleby
Let’s Make America Great Again – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
This Christmas Spread His Love Around the World – “
Shop Till I Drop – co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman
White Christmas – solely written by Judy Welden

Songs released in 2011 are:
Grace – co-written with Terrance Alan
Natural Highs – co-written with Gary Wayne
The Heaven Express – co-written with Rhon Scheuerman
The Lesson from Noah (Duet) – co-written with Phil Coley
Heaven Backs Me Up (Duet) – co-written with Ray Lani
Let’s Make America Great AGain – co-written with Rhon Scheuerman
This Christmas Spread His Love around the World – co-written with Rhon Scheuerman

Songs released 2010 are:
Kisses – co-written with Rhon Scheuerman
Mixture of Mary & Martha – co-written w/Rhon Scheuerman
Shelter in the Rain – co-written w/Tom Littleby
Guide My Heart – co-written w/Kevin Wicker
Bee Line Diner (Duet) – co-written w/Larry LaVey
Forever Grateful – co-written w/Roy Crabb
Whatever Happened to Nathaniel Strong, written by Judy Welden
Little Girls, Boys & Puppies – co-written w/Rhon Schereuman
This Christmas (Spread Love) – co-written w/Rhon Schereuman

Songs released in 2009 are:
LORD TAKE ME BACK, co-written w/ Phil Coley
EVERY SEASON & MAKE A DIFFERENCE, solely writen by Judy Welden
CHURCH CALLED THE RISEN SUN, lryics, Judy Welden, music, public domain
FISHING FOR A NEW LOVE, co-written with Tom Littleby
HAVEN IN HEAVEN (Duet), soley written by Judy Welden
GIVE OUR PRAYERS FEET, co-written with Phil Coley

All of the songs can be heard at CDBaby
Most of these songs also can be heard at AirPlayDirect  

Songs released in 2008 are:
AMAZING GRACE; (public domain)
I’M A SURVIVOR, (co-written with Tina Billias)
MY PRECIOUS LORD (written by: Sandra Stoflet)
IF YOU’RE MAN ENOUGH (solely written by Judy Welden
HEAVEN EXPRESS (co-written w/Rhonnie Scheuerman)
NATURAL HIGHS, (Duet) co-written w/Gary Wayne
GRANDMA’S QUILTS, co-written w/ Terrance Alan
SHADES OF BLUE, solely written by Judy Welden
ITS A MIRACLE, co-written w/Roy Crabb.

4 singles from CD produced at RMCMA studio, in CO 6/06, released in 2007.
GET LOST MR. BAD NEWS, (Siuberto Socarras, co-writer)
I’M PAIN SHY (Marc Rabins, co-writer)
JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, solely written by Judy Welden
CONFUSION (WHATS THE SOLUTION, (Mia Heylen, co-writer).

The gospel songs released in 2007 were:
ABSTAIN, DONT PLAY THE GAME (Duet) co-written with Rhon Scheuerman
to encourage young people to wait for marriage
MY SAVIORS PRECIOUS BLOOD, writer: Betty Jean Robinson
GUIDE MY HEART, (Kevin Wicker, co-writer)
MIXTURE OF MARY & MARTHA, co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerma,
YOU ARE THERE FOR ME, co-written with Roy A. Crabb
WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (solely written by Judy Welden)


PAIN SHY, BLUES & TRIBULATION (Country Blues/Jazz) 2006
GRACE (Christian) 2001

CHASING A DREAM (Country) 2000
WOMAN OF THE 90’S (Country/AC Pop) 1995
FOREVER GRATEFUL (Christian) 1995
SHADES OF BLUE (Country/Blues) 1992

The late 70’s & 80’s! Setting the stage for Becoming an Artist as well as a SongWriter!

In the late 70’s and 80’s I had a company I’d named Judy’s Jingles, which I’d started around the same time I’d started a booking agency when we lived in Chesterfield, MO. This was before my late husband, Dick Atwell, drowned while fishing in Gunnison, CO when we were on vacation. I wrote songs for celebrants, like those having birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also wrote songs for celebrities, like Princess Diana, Barbara Bush, Helen Hayes, Pat Boone & even the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley! Although I wasn’t paid for those, I have a scrapbook full of precious thank-you notes from famous folks.   After having met and married Dr. Bill Blecha, a Chiropractor, in 1984 we moved to FL. Soon after I wrote a song for Port St. Lucie’s 25th Anniversary, called “I’m Proud to Call Port St. Lucie Home” and also “Come One, Come All the Pineapple Festival” for the annual Pineapple Festival held in Jensen Beach, FL….near where we lived. Although I kept busy working in Bill’s office for a few years, I still had some issues with the drowning death of my first husband, dealing with these issues by writing numerous songs. Before getting on with this, I first wrote some ’cause or theme songs about things that concerned me:

Katie’s Dream – Literacy
We Thank Our Great First Lady – Literacy
We Care, We Count – Child Abuse
It’s Tough to Be a Single Mommy – Single mothers
Help Save Our Earth – Environment
I’ll Wear a Yellow Ribbon – Peace
We Send our Love & Prayers to You – Our Military
White Ribbons – Child Pornography
Movin’ Houses – Homes that had to be moved in the name of progress