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Always singing from her heart, Judy Welden wrings so much feeling from the lyrics of her song that her audience can identify with whatever emotion she’s projecting at that moment. The next minute she’ll have them roaring with laughter at her quips betweens songs! Born in PA, later moving to WV, MO, FL and more recently settling in GA, Judy’s natural harmony ability comes easily, having started to sing both lead and harmony with her family in church at age seven. She has always given the Lord all the glory for the gifts of singing and songwriting He has given her.

After she moved to GA Judy began to have breathing problems and found it difficult to sing. Just like in the bridge of the title song of her last album (Chasing a Dream), when things don’t work out, she sings she’ll pursue something new! That is exactly what she did. Many years ago she realized that she most likely wasn’t the only one who couldn’t wear a bandana on her head. It kept slipping off. She wondered why no one had ever created one with a headband. With no time to do it back then, she decided in April, 2004 to create this herself, applied for a patent and registered the name, Bandana Hat. They are seen in magazines and TV.

After living a few years in GA Judy realized the climate didn’t bother her as much, so she started to sing again and formed a duo called FIRESONG. Singing with friend, CATHY SQUIRES, they performed at various events locally. She also started to record original songs again, solely writing some songs and co-writing others. She was promoted by one of her co-writers (Rhonnie Scheuerman) during this time and was continually on the ROOTS GOSPEL and TOP 100 charts all of 2007 Being # 1 for a record 18 weeks, Judy had gone as high as # 10 on the TOP 100 chart. Other charts she’s was on during this time was ECMA (European Country Music Assn) and NY’s MUSIC REVIEW chart. Judy’s songs are heard on all the Music sites online where you can download music, such as iTunes, Sony, Rapsody etc. Her videos are on youtube.com, myspace, airplay direct and 30 of her original songs may be heard at the Number One Music site, where she has been #1 of the Top 5 in the Country Pop genre….for 4 months. Other talented acts there that have been in the Top 5 are Rascal Flatts and Electric Rodeo. Starting in September, 2008, Judy’s songs were released worldwide on the Hot Disc, that includes major artists.

Judy has sung from numerous stages, with her favorite being the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, original home of the Grand Ole Opry, where she sang on the same show as Kitty Wells in the mid 90’s.

In June 2006 Judy released PAIN SHY, BLUES & TRIBULATION, an 18 song basically blues CD, with every type of blues you could think of: country blues, rock blues, gospel blues, jazz blues, and even a few ac/pop blues. With 3 new songs, it also includes 6 songs from her first album, SHADES OF BLUE (which had never been released) and 9 songs from previously released CDs, all of which fit a bluesy concept. GET LOST (MR. BAD NEWS), co-written with Siuberto Socarras, is the first single release (Jan, 2007). Ending with the beloved PEACE IN THE VALLEY, there is truly something for everyone in this special album.

For her 9 1/2 weeks overseas tour the summer of ’98, Judy put together an album of sixteen (16) of her most played songs in an album called JUDY WELDEN COUNTRY HITS – ’92 to ’98. She performed at the Zevenbergen Festival in Holland and went on to tour in six (6) other countries. Her albums and songs stayed on the European charts, that included mostly major artists such as Garth Brooks & Faith Hill, all summer.

Judy released a Christian album titled “GRACE” in January 2001. The first song on that album, a patriotic duet (ONE NATION), co-written and sung with Phil Coley, from Bowden, GA. was dedicated to the new President of the US and the new Millennium. She received a thank-you note from the White House, signed by President George W. Bush. It became another #1 song for her in March, 2001. In Dec., 2006, ABSTAIN, DON’T PLAY THE GAME was released again as a single. Her country album (CHASING A DREAM), released in the spring of 2001, also includes ONE NATION and 16 other original songs. The songs continue to get lots of airplay, especially in Europe, and each of them will be released as singles over the next five years or so.

Previous albums Ms Welden released were SHADES OF BLUE, WOMAN OF THE 90’S (both on Treasure Coast Records) and FOREVER GRATEFUL on her Christian label, Heartfelt Records.

Over the years Judy has received many awards and nominations. The earlier ones are: “Colorado Country Music Assn.” Hall of Fame, 2006, “International Female Recording Artist of the Year”, 1999, “Album of the Year(New Country Music), “Song of the Year” (FISHING FOR A NEW LOVE, co-written with Tom Littleby), “American Horizon Award” and “Co-Writer of the Year” with her co-writers DJ Mia Heylen and Terrance Alan. She was awarded the “CAMEO” WOMAN OF THE YEAR award in ’96. In addition Judy was nominated for six (6) awards in 2001, including “Artist of the 20th Century” and “Artist/Songwriter of the Year”.

More recent awards are:

2012YOUR HAND PRINT ON MY HEART (co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman) was to be nominated by Phil York (3 time-Grammy-winning Producer) for a Grammy that year; however he passed away before sending in the form. In March, 2014, this song was #1 on the MUSIC REVIEW chart in Poughkeepsie, NY.

2012 – Judy was ARTIST OF THE YEAR at GCR (Great Country Radio) TN, awarded by Michael Stevenson.

2013 – she was awarded SUPERSTARS SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME by Frans Maritz, WHIS NEWS21

2014 – Judy was FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR and also awarded HALL OF FAME at GCR (Great Country Radio) TN, awarded by Michael Stevenson.

2014 – November, ATLANTA COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME award, by Phyllis Cole of same org.

Being interviewed on Women’s Radio Network by Lisa Singer & KC Armstrong in Oct & Nov. 2014.

2015 – Jan., Feb., March, Interviewed by KC Armstrong – on Women’s Radio Network & “I Heart Radio” by KC Armstrong – titled Woman of the Year 2015: Music Industry & also “DIAMOND OF THE DECADE”

2016 Many songs were on Airplay Express charts this year:  “You Make Me Shine”, Duet with Ron Butko, & written by Randy Leavitt;Kisses”, “Your Hand Print on My Heart”, “Let’s Make America Great Again”, “This Christmas, Spread His Love” & “Shop ‘Til I Drop” (all co-written with Rhon Scheuerman).  “Soul Sisters” (solely written by Judy) was released in July. “Waiting for You Neath The Christmas Tree” (co-written with Phil Coley) and “This Christmas, Spread His Love” (co-written with Rhon Scheuerman) were released in November, 2016.

2017 –  Having both of latest Christmas songs (“Waiting for You ‘Neath the Christmas Tree” and “This Christmas, Spread His Love”) being #2 & and #8 respectively on Airplay Express Top 20 chart in Jan!    “Your Hand Print on My Heart” was released again for Valentine’s Day &  was #9 on a  Top 20 chart with the likes of Taylor Swift, Shania Twain, Dolly Parton and Celine Dionne, etc.  “Soul Sisters” was also released again.  The best thing that happened with Judy’s music this year is that German DJ, Ursula Kiel, who has been playing her songs for 10 years, chose to make a Christmas Special Show (to be played on Christmas Day) using 10 of Judy’s songs & telling about her career & how she celebrates Christmas.  This is quite an honor.  Ursula, aka Ulla also made videos of 6 of Judy’s song that were uploaded on youtube. CD Baby has also put all the songs of Judy’s songs from their site on youtube.  Including the 40+ songs she already had there, at present there are over 100 songs by Judy Welden now on youtube.com.

With over 400 original songs to her credit, Judy has recorded over 100 of them and many have been in the Top 10 on the Independent charts, with 13 reaching # 1. Those were: I’M HITTIN’ THE ROAD, LOVE CONQUERS ALL, SHELTER IN THE RAIN, ONE NATION, ABSTAIN, DON’T PLAY THE GAME (with co-writers, Tina Billias, Tom Littleby, Phil Coley and Rhonnie Scheuerman respectively), CHURCH CALLED THE RISEN SON (Judy’s lyrics to the public domain tune, HOUSE OF THE RISEN SUN), I’M PAIN SHY (co-written with Marc Rabins), YOU ARE THERE FOR ME (co-written with Roy Crabb), AMAZING GRACE (public domain), CONFUSION (WHAT’S THE SOLUTION (co-written with Mia Heylen), I’M A SURVIVOR (co-written with Tina Billias) and WHEN I’M CHASING A DREAM & WHAT I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS (both solely written by Judy).

Dozens of Judy’s original songs have been included in the Top 10 on the Indie charts of America. Fourteen (14) artists have recorded 32 of her songs.

Dubbed “WONDER WOMAN OF THE 90’S” by her then PR man, the late Gene Bear, (after Judy released 10 compilation CDs with multiple artists/songwriters in a 12 month period, she has since stopped releasing the compilations. Her focus now is on publishing songs written by herself and the other songwriters she publishes in order to find suitable songs for talented artists. Like all independent artists, she would love to have a major ‘hit’ herself, thus the title of one of her albums, CHASING A DREAM!

Starting the TCSA (Treasure Coast Songwriters Assn) in 1993, Judy was the director for 4 years, and later served as Advisor. She has judged the SOWI (Songwriters of Wisconsin International) songwriting contest for more than a decade.

In 1995 Judy started FIRP (Fairness in Royalty Payments) to appeal to BMI and ASCAP concerning equality in royalty payments, requesting that their radio monitoring be updated to modern technology to assure that all songwriters be paid fairly, not just the major ones. She is known for her quote: “We Indies plow a big field to reap half a peanut every other year”. She is pleased, though, that in recent years, Independent artists and songwriters can get the exposure they deserve, thanks to the Internet. In time they may even be paid as fairly as the major stars.

Though her last CD album was released in 2006, Judy has been releasing CD singles since 2009 that have been released to worldwide radio on compilation CDs. These songs are listed in the Discography Link.

With a successful career that spans several dozen years and having been nominated and accepted for inclusion in “International Who’s Who in Music“, “Marquis Who’s Who in Entertainment“, “Who’s Who Worldwide” and Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide, Judy Welden’s musical star continues to shine!