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Judy & Gary Wayne, ’86 – PSL’s 25th Anniversary Parade

Judy & son-in-law Gary Wayne. ’86 PSL parade2

Judy on keyboard, mid 90’s

Judy in Seattle.dt sign

Dream Trips Travel Sign Was in Seattle, Aug. 2014

Tennis PR pic – Judy w. Bobby Riggs against Dick Anderson, of Miami Dolphins fame!

Promo pic of Judy in Modern Day Tarzan video, released Apr. 2014


Judy in Navy blue Medium Web view

Judy @ 67 years old.


Judy @ 65 years old!


After concert in Belgium, 1998 (age 60)

Judy wearing hat, CH CD

Cover pic of Country Hits CD was used for much of my promotion in late 90’s & beyond.


a Small Web view, Marc in store

1st Producer, Marc Rabins Port St. Lucie, FL – early 90’s

Recording in Nashville, ’92 With Gary Buck Producer

Kevin Wicker, Produced WOMAN of 90’S & FOREVER GRATEFUL CDs, mid 90’s

,  001

Judy with Alan Licht (from CA) Recording “Come On Home”, 1997

Chris Truelove in studio Vocal producer, Alto, GA


Phil Coley

Phil Coley, Bowden, GA has produced & co-written many of my single releases.

Ray Lani, Bayport, NY, singer co-writer, Producer of some of my single releases, mostly our duets.

Ron Butko, Produced GRACE & CHASING A DREAM CDs, PSL, FL. We recorded duet YOU MAKE ME SHINE in late 90’s, released again on 3.13.15

Frans Maritz, Ed. WHIS NEWS 21 Producer, Wildhorse Videos & CDs., released Country Discovery #6 & #7 that I was on.  Has been a great help to me in sooo many ways!!

Gary Farmer, GA producer, produced several tracks for me Inc. YOUR HAND PRINT ON MY HEART



Rhonnie S, recent '15

Rhonnie Scheuerman, friend, Co-writer and former Promoter

Allen Foster, friend & Ed. of Songwriter’s Monthly, my best supporter in the 90’s

DJ Bev w.award

Bev Walmsley, Friend & DJ from Ontario, Canada

Elly Nollen, my dear friend from Holland who plays a mean sax! Stayed with her when I sang at the Zevenbergen Festival in June 1998

Mia Heylen, special friend from Belgium. Stayed with her after I sang at Zevenbergen Festival, June 1998. A poem she wrote called “Confusion” inspired my song of same title!


Paul Mateki, Talented artist/musician.. We performed together in Belgium, hope to find the pics that were lost in comp. crash!

Atlanta CM HofF Award 002

Phyllis Cole, Co-founder of ATLANTA COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME. Taken on 11.29.14 when I received my award. I’ve misplaced a better picture of us (close up)


Vesta Weber Large Web view

Vesta Weber, Cousin and co-writer of “Thank Heaven for Email” (along w. me and Ray Lani)

Kathleen Dyer, cousin from WA state, who has been & currently is the biggest & best FAN of my music, bar none!


James Marvell & I, did a concert together in FL, 1997, + I was a guest singer at his concert in Toccoa, GA in Nov. 2013


Bill & I on a scenic Railway Tour on his birthday, Sept 2014.                                          He has always been very supportive of my career!


KC Armstrong, fantastic interviewer on WRNW1 & I ♥ Radio who has interviewed me on numerous occasions. He does a superb job & could be pictured above with those who are part of my career… I just needed an extra pic for the ‘famous folks’! ; ) Oh, by the way, KC used to be on the Howard Stern show!!



Ronda Rich, friend & famous author/storyteller & I wearing my patented bandana hats after her talk @ Brenau University in May, 2014.


Judy & TJ Christianson (Nashville artist/producer) at Best of Texas Awards, after I’d won ” New Country Album of the Year Award”,  Nov, ’99



Son Glenn Atwell’s wedding to Kevin, July 27, 2014 With me on left and daughter, Amy, on right.


Daughter Amy & Gary Wayne’s 2nd wedding in December 2006 – 1st time was in 1985.

Daughter Karen Kiran Toor on Wedidng Day, (they live in Mt. Vernon, WA) November 1, 2014

Granddaughter Gena, Sept. 2013 when she visited us after leaving Navy position on Ship in VA (see her shirt front)

Kids & Me 10.5.13

Daughter Amy, son Glenn, daughter Karen and me, Boca Raton, FL – October 2013

Granddaugher Angie & daughter Amy Wayne. Angie was in the top 47 of 12,000 who auditioned for Ameican Idol in 2012

Daughter Karen & Kiran Toor, Deception Pass Bridge, WA state

My great grandchildren Alexis & Bud Reger in 2009 (Gena’s children)

Gr. Granddaughter, Alexis Reger, playing pool – March, 2015

Gr. Grandson, Bud Reger, playing pool March, 2015

Glenn Atwell 3.15

Son, Glenn Atwell, Mar ’15, my fave pic of him!!


Judy w.Mom, Sunn Medium Web view

With my mother the month before she died June, 2011 – she was 94…. looks very young!


Brother John, Cousins Shirley & Larry on either side of me, July 2009

Judy & Dick Atwell, late 60's

With late husband, Dick Atwell, late 60’s in the Bahamas (Windjammer Cruise)

Judy. Dick Atwell & kids, mid 70's

With late husband, Dick Atwell, and our 3 children, Glenn, Karen & Amy – mid 70’s!

Bill & Judy, wedding day,  December 28, 1983.  We’ve had such a happy life.. Saved the best for last!!


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