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Most Recent Bio Judy 7.27.14 by FM

A singer/songwriter and music publisher, Judy Welden has been writing and releasing songs worldwide since 1992. She toured 7 countries in Europe in ’98 and was on the charts with majors. Having written over 400 songs, more than 100 of them have been single releases. Most all have appeared on the Independent charts with 17 of them reaching #1 and dozens of others in the Top 10.

From June 2008 to Oct. 2009 Judy was #1 in the Top 5 of Country Pop & Christian Country Genres at #1 MUSIC  a total of 16 months. She was #2 for several years with Rascal Flatts being #1. Judy was also #1 on the ROOTS INTERNATIONAL GOSPEL CHART (early 2008) for 18 weeks.

Fourteen (14) artists have recorded thirty two (32) of Judy’s original (or co-written) songs. She has won dozens of awards for her vocals and/or songwriting. The first vocal award she won was 1st place at Hollywood Song Jubilee in the Standards genre, singing WHEN SUNNY GETS BLUE to her own piano arrangement.

Having released 7 albums of her original music, 2 of them are Christian CDs, and the others are Country/AC-Pop/Blues crossover songs. In addition she produced 19 compilation CDs (Country, AC Pop and Gospel) with herself and over 100 other artists during a period of 6 years (1993 to 1999). She started the TCSA (Treasure Coast Songwriters Assn.) when she lived in Florida. At the same time in the mid 90’s, began the FIRP (Fairness in Royalties Payments) Campaign to help Independent songwriters and publishers get their fair share of royalties from the performing arts societies, BMI and ASCAP.

Now residing in GA, Judy has released 22 new songs since 2009 (all released on Comp CDs to worldwide radio and sold at as well as all the places music is sold online, Sony, Apple, Rhapsody, Google, etc. Thirty two (32) of her songs are videos at See Judy’s earlier achievements in the comprehensive bio. A few of her achievements in recent years are as follows:

2012YOUR HAND PRINT ON MY HEART (co-written with Rhonnie Scheuerman) was to be nominated by Phil York (3 time-Grammy-winning Producer) for a Grammy that year; however he passed away before sending in the form. In March, 2014, this song was #1 on the MUSIC REVIEW chart in Poughkeepsie, NY.

2012 – Judy was ARTIST OF THE YEAR at GCR (Great Country Radio) TN, awarded by Michael Stevenson.

2013 – she was awarded SUPERSTARS SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME by Frans Maritz, WHIS NEWS21

2014 – Judy was FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR and also awarded HALL OF FAME at GCR (Great Country Radio) TN, awarded by Michael Stevenson.

2014 – November, ATLANTA COUNTRY MUSIC HALL OF FAME award, by Phyllis Cole of same org.

In October, 2014 Judy was interviewed by Lisa Singer on Women’s Radio Network; in November, was also interviewed for 1/2 hour segment by KC Armstrong, & spoke of her various companies that comprise Judy Welden Enterprises.

2015 – On January 13th, 2015, Judy was once again interviewed by Lisa Singer (1/2 hour segment) on Women’s Radio Network, which had recently been partnered with “I Heart Radio“. Judy had just been named by the network as “Professional Woman of the Year 2015” in the Atlanta area, which was announced when she was interviewed by KC Armstrong on Feb. 6th, 2015.

2015Women’s Radio Network & “I Heart Radio” dubbed Judy “DIAMOND OF THE DECADE” and KC Armstrong will be interviewing her for 3 half-hour segments on March 11th, 20th and 30th. Getting a patent on her own + registering it’s name on her own (without an Atty) and her continued success in the Music Industry were a few of the reasons for this special title!

2016 – Many songs were on Airplay Express charts this year:  “You Make Me Shine”, Duet with Ron Butko, & written by Randy Leavitt;Kisses”, “Your Hand Print on My Heart”, “Let’s Make America Great Again”, “This Christmas, Spread His Love” & “Shop ‘Til I Drop” (all co-written with Rhon Scheuerman).  “Soul Sisters” (solely written by Judy) was released in July. “Waiting for You Neath The Christmas Tree” (co-written with Phil Coley) and “This Christmas, Spread His Love” (co-written with Rhon Scheuerman) were released in November, 2016.

2017    –   The year started out with both Christmas songs released in   November 2016 being #2  &  #8  on Airplay Express   (See Media/ Press link).     “Your Hand Print on My Heart”   was released again for
Valentine’s Day &  was #9 on a  Top 20 chart with the likes  of  Taylor Swift,  Shania Twain, Dolly Parton 
and Celine Dionne, etc.  “Soul Sisters” was also released again.  The best thing that happened with Judy’s music this year is that German DJ, Ursula Kiel, who has been playing her songs for 10 years, chose to make a Christmas Special Show (to be played on Christmas Day)  using 10 of Judy’s songs and telling about her career & how she celebrates Christmas.  This is quite an honor.  Ursula, aka Ulla also made videos of 6 of Judy’s song that were uploaded on youtube. CD Baby has also put all the songs of Judy’s songs from their site.  Including the 40+ songs she already had there, at present there are over 100 songs by Judy Welden now on

Judy Welden  is a lifetime member of  Strathmore Who’s Who Worldwide, Marquis Who’s Who in Entertainment, and  International Who’s Who In Popular Music and continues to regularly release her original music to worldwide radio,   both   am-fm stations as well as internet stations.   Judy’s main goal, however,  is to have a major singer record one of her published  original songs as well as have one or more in films or TV. She hopes to get her patented hats licensed in the near future as well.