Travel Club

Judy in Seattle.dt signLearn how to “Stay at 5-Star Resorts for cost of 2-Star Motel” 

The exciting new travel club I’ve joined gave me this banner to use on my travels. Taken in Seattle on my trip to WA state, I’d not be able to travel due to high med.bills, except for this club where you get to stay @5-star hotels @ 2-star prices…or you can plan your own trip @ highly discounted rates for flights & other arrangements.  A one-time cost of $200 (Gold) or $300 (Platinum) to join; however that money goes in an account and is available for your first trip, which start at $265!  Also, you won’t  need to pay a $50 monthly fee for the Gold level (your money for future travel) when you get 4 others to join.  The company puts it in your account for you!  Also you can join as “Standard” member for $100 one-time cost, and only pay $25 per month!

For more info or to Join Travel Club click here   –  the short video in the middle (there are 3) is the best one if you are interested in the travel club savings only.   I highly recommend the Gold level (most popular)  There are just 3 easy steps to join.  Click “sign up” at top of page or call me to walk you through it:  770 – 503-0096  – Best to email though.

Note: You can join JUST for the travel, no need to do the business!    Email me for more info.

I’ve taken 3 dream trips & had wonderful times with BIG savings on each:  7 day cruise to Belize & Cozumel cost
just $473 & a 5-island, 8 day cruise to South Caribbean (Barbados, St.Lucia, St.John, St.Maarten & St.Thomas)
cost only $523!


Many trips available …. worldwide …. for all budgets.  This is the leading travel club in the USA & is #1 in Europe!!!